I’m your average Jane

One of my top worries in life is that I won’t be accepted into college. I’m just your average Jane. Well, Clarissa. I don’t play any sports, I’m not in band or chorus, I don’t travel to Indonesia to help the starving children, I’m not even in student council. I’m Clarissa. A girl who teaches herself how to play the piano, who watches ballet in the comfort of her bedroom. Go Kirov Ballet! I’ve tried over and over to become a part of student council, but it’s just one big popularity contest. I’m only a part of two extracurricular activities in school. Rotary Interact and Spanish Club. I love volunteering whenever I find an event that I truly want to partake in. Whenever I have the chance, I teach myself different languages. Romanian is top on that list. And obviously, I blog. I hope being a plain Jane is good enough for colleges. I’m just doing me. That’s all I can do.


Sophomore Classes

Today is the day that I got my sophomore classes.

Fall Semester: Global 1, Geometry, Earth Science, PE & English ENR

Spring Semester: Global 2, RTS, Entrepreneurship, Earth Science, PE & Spanish 3

My schedule is packed this year with no study halls. I’m going to take any free opportunities during the school day to complete as much work as I can. I feel like this year will mentally test my limits. I’m up for a challenge.

Freshman Year of High School

Yes! I finally finished my first year of high school! Throughout the year I had many challenges between fighting friends and trying to ace my Bio tests. I did it though! Here are the classes I took: English 9 ENR, Algebra 1 and 2, Biology, Health, Spanish 2, Studio art, Crafts and PE. I’m proud to say that throughout the year my overall average did not fall below a 93. My favorite class that I took was English 9 ENR. I love William Shakespeare and anything that has to do with his time. I ended my favorite class with a 98 final average. My second favorite class was Algebra. Anything with numbers is fine by me. I ended those two classes with a combined final average of a 97. In my first year of high school, I decided that it was time to partake in extracurricular activities. I joined Spanish Club & Rotary Interact. Rotary Interact is something I advise you all to join. I’ve helped many people throughout just one year of being apart of something so amazing. This is just one year of my high school experience. College, here I come!