Photography Competition!

This month I will be entering in a photography competition. I’m doing a landscape photograph. I love the picture I picked because it gives me a mysterious vibe. In my opinion, the overall picture is perfect. I know there will be plenty of other great photographs entered. There will be five first place winners, five second place winners & five third place winners. Every winner will get a ribbon and money. Last year I decided to enter, but I did not win. Since then I have taken plenty of great photographs. I’ve improved immensely from practicing. One thing I want to tell you is that if you do not succeed the first time, keep trying. You never know when your hard work will pay off.


I worry too

It’s currently 10 at night and I’m experiencing a rush of emotions. Mostly worries. For some reason I’m nervous for Sophomore Year. I feel like it’s because so much has changed and I haven’t had to face that this whole Summer, but now Summer is coming to a close and I know that I have to face it soon. I feel like a completely different person and I don’t know how people are going to perceive that. I’m also worrying about future things. For example, am I going to be successful, or will I be a failure? My dreams are so big that they indeed, do scare me. I’m only allowing myself to be successful. Yes, I won’t be successful at first, but everything I do will be a step in the right direction. I have to think positive. I just have too. Whenever I get like this I like to write in my journal. I recommend buying one. It’s great to write everything down and figure out solutions to your problems.

I’m almost a Sophomore!

I begin school in one month and I’m actually excited. Last year I did not want school to begin. Here’s the full story on this. Before Freshman Year began I wanted to change myself. I wanted to get my hair done, eyebrows waxed, etc. I wanted to change myself because I thought that’s what I needed to do. The idea backfired. When I went to get my eyebrows waxed I went to a different person. The lady ended up doing a terrible job a few days before I started school. My eyebrows were rounded and very thin. I cried every single day leading up to the first day of school. I was so distraught. One thing that experience had taught me, is that you don’t need to change yourself to fit in. It also taught me patience. I waited a very long time to get great eyebrows again. I still look back on those pictures with very ugly eyebrows and ask myself why. I’m happy that I went through that sooner rather than later. Throughout my first year of high school I felt very alone. The friends I had didn’t truly feel like my friends. Every single day seemed to be exactly the same. I was bored and lonely. I felt like a person in a crowded room screaming to the top of their lungs, but still couldn’t be heard. It was one of the worst experiences in my life. Yes, I don’t have many friends, but I feel happier now. I talked with one of my friends that I’ve known since we were children, and worked through our differences. I feel like Sophomore Year will do me good. I’m starting it happy and I’m planning on finishing it even happier. I feel like I needed that rough patch to see what and who I was. I don’t regret it one bit.

Salvation Army Donation

Today is the day when I go through my whole bedroom and decide what I want to donate to the Salvation Army. I like donating to the Salvo because I have one right in my town. There are quite a few struggling families that can’t afford to go to Kohl’s to pick up a $60.00 book bag for their daughter, or a $42.00 shirt for their son. Even I believe those prices are quite ridiculous. Did you know that when an item is sold in the store, the proceeds are used to fund their Adult Rehabilitation Centers? I will be donating a few book bags, tons of clothes and some shoes. Hopefully I can help a child receive what they need for the upcoming school year. Feel free to check out the website here¬†