I’m Not Good Enough

I always try my hardest to be the best I possibly can be, but I’m never good enough. I work my butt off in school so I can maintain high honor roll just to have no one give me any recognition. I stay up all night studying for my math test just to have my teacher say, “Good try”. I get looked down upon when I have that 98 average because the person next to me has that 105. I’m a part of Rotary and other organizations to help people all over the world, but it doesn’t compare to the girl next to me in my study hall who is in Band, Chorus, Soccer, Student Council, Rotary and Dance because it will look good when she’s applying to colleges. I automatically get looked down upon from the students who take advanced classes because I’m not “good enough”. Who knows? Maybe I won’t be good enough for the college I’m applying to in a couple of years. There will always be someone better. I look at those students in my high school and think to myself,”Only if they knew the real me. The girl who studies her butt off to maintain that 98 average, the girl who researches organizations to find the best ones to become a part of, the girl who takes time out of her weekend to volunteer, the girl who wants to attend college, the girl who has goals, the girl who wants to be like them”. Only recently have I learned that I want to be true to myself. I will be┬átaking those advanced classes they are in, I will be attending the college of my dreams, I will be graduating top in my class, I will be successful. I will never be like those high society students, but I will be the best that I can be. I refuse to be another copy. I am an original.