Common Core

Common Core. Every school year I walk through the doors of my high school with faith that the school year will be prosperous, until I hear the words “common core” come out of my teacher’s mouth, and a packet full of questions land on my desk. “Here’s an old regents”, one says, when handing me a 132 question packet. “This will help you to understand the questions. All you need to do is memorize the questions along with the answers and you will be good to go for the regents”. I feel myself burning up with the desire to tear the pages in half. “Common core this and common core that”, I think to myself as I mock the teacher.

What is Common Core?

Common core. Common core is the feeling of your heart dropping when you receive a 77 on the algebra regents when in the class you had a 99. It is the feeling of resentment you have towards your teachers for not teaching you what is on the homework the following night because they are in such a time crunch to teach you everything you need to know for that test at the end of the year. Common core is when you can’t even remember the information you were taught only a week before. Common core is Hell.

Common Core is Hell.