Before you know it

Before you know it, your life is over. Regrets fill your heart as you think of what you haven’t done that you could have done. Your life is over. The things you said you didn’t care about, were the things that actually kept you sane.

Picture this, you’re 64 years old. No family, no friends, no experiences. You have that nice car that you’ve always wanted, that nice house you’ve always wanted, but you’re alone. “Was it worth it?”, you ask yourself. It is never worth it.

Live. Get out there and take chances. Talk to that person you see everyday sitting alone in the corner of the coffee shop. Fall in love. Do everything and anything. In the end, you’ll wish you had experienced it all.


Not attending College

Sophomore year has really opened my eyes. Since middle school, I’ve had my life planned out for me. What classes I was going to take in high school, the career I was going to have and the college I was going to attend. My life was planned, but then I began to grow up. I realized I did not want my life planned out for me. I want to go with the flow. I want to travel the world. I want to do things that I want to do.

I want to own my own photography business. Sell my photographs, write books on my adventures, create short films. That is what I want to do.

Next year I plan on taking trig and pre calc. Classes that are “needed” to own your own business because if you do not take them, then obviously you are incapable of doing such. Finding the angles of triangles will very much help me understand the concept of supply and demand. Who knows if I will really end up taking these classes next year. There is this question that keeps creeping up in my head. What if I do not take these classes and I end up wanting to attend college, but can’t because I didn’t acquire the knowledge of trig and pre calc?

I would like to skip the college part and begin the process of running my own business. Yes, it is true that I do not have all the knowledge I need to own my own business, but attending college does not mean I will get it there either.

This is difficult for me because no one is making this decision for me. What ever results from my decision is all on me and that’s a scary thing to think.