Junior Year Classes

Today I finally got my schedule all sorted out. Here are the classes I am taking.

Fall Semester: Environmental Science, RTS, US History & Trig.

Spring Semester: Piano, English 11, Trig & Accounting.

My schedule is very simple this year because I cannot take any higher level classes till next school year.



Sophomore Year Of High School

Sophomore year is officially over and in four weeks I will be starting my Junior year of high school. Sophomore year was a more difficult year for me because I had to take a few classes that I had no interest in taking, but I did get through them and that is all that matters. The classes I took were English 10 ENR, Entrepreneurship, Global 1 & 2, Geometry, Earth Science, Spanish 3, RTS & PE. English was by far my favorite class. I learned so much and I just genuinely loved going to that class every day for one semester. Boy, do I miss it. Anyways, the grades I got in those classes are: English 10 ENR- 96, Entrepreneurship- 98, Global 1 & 2- 100, Geometry- 87, Earth Science- 92, Spanish 3-96 and RTS- 100. I am also pleased to say that my overall average for the year did not fall below a 95 and I finished my sophomore year of high school with a 97 average! Next week I will be making a blog post about my Junior year classes! Time sure is flying by.