What is Life

“Why is there a world, a cosmos, something, anything instead of absolutely nothing at all? If nothing existed, there would be nothing to explain. That anything exists demands some kind of explanation. Of all the big questions, this is the biggest. Why anything? Why not nothing? What can we learn from the absence of nothing?”

If you actually think about it, everything is made up. If everything wasn’t made up, we wouldn’t have all of the languages we have today. It is just mind boggling how anything is anything. Science is one big joke because everything is made up. The words are made up for ex. gravity. Gravity is not gravity because someone decided to call it gravity so therefore we still, to this day, not know what it is. I wish there was someone in the world who could answer all of my life questions.

How can they say aliens don’t exist when we ourselves exist?

Scientists say that in order to exist you need this this and this, but those things are needed for us to exist. Planets are vastly different from one another and you cannot tell me that something else can’t exist when we ourselves exist. We are on a planet that is somehow in the middle of nothing. I can’t even write what I want to say because there is so much I just don’t comprehend.


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