boys will be boys

It happened for a few days now. I would sit in my advisement and a boy would throw things around the classroom; paper airplanes, balls, cards. Anything he could get his hands on. And then it happened, I was hit three times in that advisement and all he would do was laugh, and all the teacher would do was nothing. So I spoke up, I took that ball that I was hit with, I walked out of the classroom, threw it down the hallway and said some words. I got in trouble. The girl who got hit multiple times in that classroom, and I was the one in the wrong for speaking up, for doing something. That is the way we are raised. That girls need to keep quiet and boys can do whatever they want without consequences. I will not take that. I will speak up no matter what trouble I will get into. Speak up no matter what troubleĀ you will get into.