Almost Valedictorian.

I visited with my guidance counselor today to create my senior schedule. I am planning on taking public speaking, mythology/creative writing, fantasy, ACE government, ACE economics, sociology, psychology and pre calculus. Honestly, I thought I would only be taking mythology/creative writing, ACE government & economics and pre calculus. I only need ~3 more credits to graduate, but my guidance counselor said I need more classes in my schedule to fill up the empty spaces. While I understand that yes, I do need some extra classes to keep me occupied, I did not think I would have to take two English classes, sociology and psychology just to attend school. I am not 100% interested in fantasy, sociology and psychology, but I am going into senior year open minded. If a class presents itself to me as being too unbearable, I will drop it. Anyways, I digress, my counselor also showed me my updated transcript while I was there. I was thrilled to see that I moved from #10 to #7 in my class and that my GPA increased to a ~ 95.85. He said that if I remained in the top 10th percentile, I would be able to attend a community college near me with tuition being absolutely free. I pray that everything goes well for me.