Junior Year of High School

Last night, I got my report card. While I was tearing the envelope I could not help but feel a little nervous to see my algebra/trigonometry regents grade. I knew if I did not pass my regents I would not be getting the advanced diploma when I graduate in June 2018. Luckily, I will not be retaking the regents in August because I passed! Here are my final grades for the 2016-2017 school year: CC Advanced Algebra Skills- 92, CC Advanced Algebra- 87, English 11- 93, US History- 99, Environmental Science- 97, RTS B- 99, BKKG/ACCT 1- 97 and Piano- 96. I am pleased to say that I finished my junior year of high school with a 96 average! I am very excited to be starting my senior year of high school in a couple of months.


My Scholarships

A few weeks ago, the Academic Honors Reception where I received a Honor Certificate in recognition of my scholastic achievement and two scholarships took place. Of course, I will never use the scholarships from R.I.T and Hobart and William Smith Colleges because I never once thought of attending those two schools, but I guess it is nice to be recognized for something. I just wished that I received a scholarship from a school that I want to attend/can attend. Throughout my senior year, I will be doing numerous scholarships in hopes that something great will come out of it. Since this blog was created to document my whole high school experience/post graduation, I will make sure that everything that occurs during senior year will be up on this blog. If anyone is actually reading this, I want them to know the reality behind being a senior.

I am desperate for a job

I have done 4 job applications in the past month and I am still jobless. I did get a call though from a man named Bernie, who works at the hospital, for an interview this upcoming Tuesday, but when I looked over the job description, I realized that I misinterpreted Environment Services for Environmental Aid. By no means will Clarissa be a janitor. No, it is not because my hands will get dirty and I will be blessed with the smell of pure vomit that comes out of a patient’s mouth, but because I am not physically and mentally capable of dealing with sick, dying patients and climbing up a ladder to wash a window which, knowing my luck, will be the cause of my death because I am an extremely clumsy person. I have though, thought of many ways in which I can make money. Some as simple as applying to Burger King and some as complex as becoming the next Joanna Gaines. Of course I have artistic abilities. The 85 I got in art class proves that. Hopefully, I will have a job by the end of June.