I stopped trying.

My mother decided to sort through her closet today to make it more organized. In a stack of papers, she found my old elementary/middle school pictures and asked if I wanted to keep them. Of course, I said yes. When I was shifting through all of the packages, I saw my eighth grade photos and I began to feel awful. I did not feel awful in the same way as others who view photos from their younger years, but because I realized I stopped trying.  In eighth grade I worked out for ~1hr every other day, I wore nice clothes when I went to school, I did my hair and makeup and I spent time with my friends. Once I started high school everything changed. I began wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt every day to school, I stopped doing my hair and makeup, I stopped working out, I hardly spent time with friends and spent most of my time in a chair watching Netflix on my laptop. Looking back at these old photos of myself made me realize that things need to change. This is my last year of high school and I want to start doing things differently. I want to start looking presentable when I go to school. I want to get off Netflix and hang with my friends. I really want to grow up.


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