College Apps #1: Meeting with a College Admissions Officer

Today I went to the community college that I want to attend to figure out if I will be able to attend college in the Spring Semester while I am finishing my senior year in January. Long story short, no one knows yet. The officer told me to contact my high school to figure out the date in which I am graduating to see if finishing up high school and beginning college won’t overlap for a long amount of time. I believe I am in the clear if I will be attending both for about a week, but things get more complicated if it is any longer than that. He discussed the possibility of me finishing earlier by a few days if we do run into that problem. The officer also gave me an application and some FAFSA related things. I filled out the application today in the hopes that I will be able to send it out tomorrow if I get an okay from him on the whole attending high school and college at the same time situation. It was so strange to be on the campus at the same time as the college students. Growing up is kind of scary.


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