College Apps #4: I Got Accepted!

Today I received my acceptance letter to community college in the Business Administration program! I will be receiving an acceptance packet with further information regarding my next steps in the near future, but first, I need to complete FAFSA. I actually plan on doing it tomorrow after I finish volunteering. I will be continuing this series and will be making posts relating to the FAFSA, registering for classes, taking placement tests and more. I am so excited to be moving on to bigger and better things.


Weight Loss Update #2

These past two months, I have lost 7.6 pounds and 11.0 inches. That means, I have lost a total of 20.0 pounds and now weigh 220.0 pounds since I first started my fitness journey back in July. My goal was to reach 212 pounds by November, but I did not and that is okay. On 10/25 I ended up getting sprained ligaments and tendons in my left knee. I was in excruciating pain and was not able to work out for weeks. Even so, I am still proud that I made it to 220 pounds. I know there were multiple times during the beginning of October where I wanted to say, “Oh, well…I am almost 220 so that is good enough”, but I knew it was not good enough so I kept pushing forward. Without dedication, I would not be where I am today…starting the fifth month of my fitness journey.