Weight Loss Update #3

Six months ago, I started my fitness journey at 240 pounds. I am happy to say that I will be starting 2018 31 pounds lighter! I currently weigh 209.0 pounds. The goal was to start 2018 40 pounds down, but I ended up not reaching my goal, but that’s okay because I will be soon! During the middle of December, my car was in the garage for about 2 weeks so I was unable to go to the gym. During that time, I ended up eating a lot more calories than usual and since I wasn’t working out my weight stayed the same. I am just happy that I still lost weight and did not gain. Starting next year, I will be posting weight loss updates once a month because I feel like I will be making a lot of progress in 2018 with my new gym membership. My main goal right now is to be less than 200 by mid February and around 185 when I graduate from high school in June. I also want to change up my fitness routine, start incorporating strength training exercises and attend classes at my local gym. Let’s do this together!