My First Year Of Community College

This past Sunday, I finished my first year of community college with a 3.7 GPA. Online classes were a lot easier than what I expected it to be. I was able to comprehend the assignments without having to email the professors for clarification, the tests that I had every few weeks correlated with the information I was being taught and I never missed one assignment because I stayed organized. Since I am taking science and math classes next year, I decided to not be an online student anymore and live on campus. I will be posting numerous blog posts related to that in the future. Anyways, down below are my grades for my first year of college:

  • Principles of Business- A
  • Business Applications and Solutions- A-
  • College Composition 1- A
  • Business Law 1- A-
  • Principles of Economics (Micro)- A
  • College Composition 2- A
  • Principles of Management- B

Business School #2: I Dropped A Class

Last night, I came to the realization that I just cannot take pre-calculus online. I have tried for 9 weeks now to do well in that class, but it just is not possible. I am doing well in my other three classes because I do not need a professor to go through the work like I do with math so I decided to withdraw from the class. I will be living on campus next school year and I will take my math courses then. This was a difficult decision for me to make and I am still questioning whether or not I made the right decision because I currently feel like a failure. I know that if I would have proceeded with the class I would have failed. Withdrawing from the class gives me the opportunity to retake it in the future and not have this current class affect my GPA.

My 1st Panel Interview: Office Assistant

Last week, I sent in my resume and cover letter to a Chamber of Commerce since an office assistant position recently became available. This morning, I went in for a panel interview and had a wonderful experience. Before entering, I did review my cover letter and resume to make sure I was familiar with what I put on it and I went over some questions that they might ask. Once I was inside of the visitor center, I shook hands with the different individuals and the interview started. After the interview was complete, they said they will notify me within the next week or so to inform me if I am the new office assistant. Even if I do not get the job, I am still grateful for the opportunity of being interviewed for a business related position when I am only a freshman in college.

Business School #1: My 1st Week of College

Today I finished my first week of online college. I have to admit, it is not as challenging as some people make it out to be. The programs in which I use for my numerous classes are easy to understand and the professors are always checking their emails in case I have any questions. The most challenging part about being an online student is the miscommunication that happens between me and the professors, but thankfully I have professors that listen to what I have to say via email so our misunderstandings can be eliminated. My favorite part about being an online student is the fact that all of my assignments are open. Thus, I can complete any assignments in advance if I know I will be too busy to do them during the time they are actually assigned. You might be curious as to what work I had to accomplish during my first week of college, so here is everything listed down below.

Business Applications & Solutions

  • Answer introduction questions to textbook
  • Complete two pre-tests
  • Complete two final tests


  • Read in the textbook
  • Post in the discussion introducing ourselves
  • Respond to a classmates post
  • Create a blog post explaining what he expects us to do for our first project
  • Watch “Social Media is Good for Democracy” debate and take annotations


  • Complete 112 math problems
  • Extra credit quiz
  • Take Ch.1 quiz

Principles of Business

  • Class does not start till 9/10

Online College Is Easy

Since I started college on Monday, all that I hear from friends is “Online college is so easy”. Being told over and over again that online college is not the real deal is starting to get on my nerves due to the fact that it is harder than traditional college. For instance, I had 107 pre-calculus math problems due this week, but I did not have a professor going through them step by step. If I did not understand something, I had to read or watch educational videos in order to do them correctly. In a traditional college setting, I could visit with my professor during office hours and ask him or go to the learning center for assistance. With online college, the student needs to be able to learn materials by themselves, be great at time management and be willing to put in the extra work that it takes with being an online student. Traditional college is hard and so is online college so I do not understand why others seem to think otherwise.

College Apps #6: Move In Day + Freshman Orientation

Since I begin college on Monday, I am helping my friend move into her dorm tomorrow and will be returning to campus on Sunday for freshman orientation. I am excited to start college, but currently stressing over the fact that my college bookstore still has not sent out my pre-calculus access code that I ordered on Tuesday. Thus meaning, I cannot complete any math homework until I receive it. Our professors were supposed to share what textbooks we needed and other materials for the class 2 weeks in advance, but my math professor did not. I just hope that I receive my access code in time so I can complete any homework that is assigned. Anyways, I am excited to begin college, but nervous about how pre-calculus is going to go since I never took it in high school. Throughout this month, I have been on Khan Academy studying it, but there is still a lot I am not familiar with. My plan is to put in 100% and hope that is enough to get a good grade. I am also looking forward to my business classes because when I was looking through one of the textbooks, I stumbled upon income statements and if you know me, then you know I love anything accounting related. I will be posting a blog sometime towards the end of next week so I can share my first week of online college with all of you.

I’m Stuck.

For months now I have been feeling stuck. I have no job and I do not start college until August 20th so it feels like all I do is sit in my room and watch YouTube as time passes before me. Today I told myself that enough is enough and that I will be making changes and here is what I am going to do.

  • Walk around a nearby touristy town and look for places that are hiring. Just yesterday I applied for a few jobs in my town, but not a lot of places are hiring 17 year olds so I believe I will have better luck there.
  • Do outside workouts. Recently, I have been doing both my strength training and cardio workouts inside. I want to start doing my strength training outside, go for walks and start going on trails that are near my house.
  • Business ventures. I want to start working on a business venture that I can do while I am attending college. I want to write up a business plan and get to work because I do not want to wait until I am a college graduate to do so.