My Volunteer Goals

Over the past few days, I have been working on a list of different volunteering opportunities that I want to partake in over the next year. Since I am starting college on August 20th, I decided that it is time to start volunteering on a larger scale. For the end of 2018, I want to partake in a Suicide prevention walk, Strong Kids Safe Kids, creating Thanksgiving Baskets for needy families, Toys for Tots and adopting a family for Christmas. For the beginning of 2019, I want to focus my attention on a local nonprofit that deals with foster children by obtaining items on their wish list such as school supplies, overnight bags, art + craft supplies, etc. I also want to create Mother’s day gifts that involve makeup, pajamas and other items for women at a local women’s shelter and perhaps create a craft night for the children that currently reside there. New ideas are constantly popping in my head, but the main thing I need to focus my attention on right now is obtaining the funds to support my 2019 volunteering ventures.


Fitness Update – 1 Year Later

On July 1st, 2017 I made the decision to start my fitness journey. It was not my first time attempting it and the fact that I can write this a year later and say that I have lost a total of 55 pounds is mind blowing. There were multiple times during the year that I wanted to say “I’ve already lost x amount of weight, that is good enough”, but I pushed through it and kept going. I honestly cannot wait to see where I am next July and how much more I accomplish.

College Apps #5: Getting College Ready

About a month ago, I registered for my college classes and I am currently in Principles of Business, Business Applications and Solutions, College Composition 1 and Pre-Calculus. About 2 weeks ago, I finally received my FAFSA acceptance package and I am trying to get all of that situated so I will be golden once I start college on August 20th. I am also starting to look for all of the books that I need for my upcoming classes so I can try and get the best deal. I knew college books were expensive, but I am already spending roughly $300 for 1 of my 4 classes. Luckily, I received 2 business related scholarships when I graduated from high school this past Saturday so that will be going towards it. Once August 20th rolls around, I am ending this College Application series and will be creating a Business Student one so stay tuned!

Senior Year of High School

This upcoming Saturday, I am graduating from high school and receiving my Advanced Diploma. I am finishing my senior year with a GPA of 95.1 and a class rank of 11 which puts me in the top 10% of my class. I never thought that I would only be 10 people away from being valedictorian since I have so many intelligent, driven classmates.  When I started my freshman year, I told myself that I was going to partake in numerous extra-curricular activities because I wanted to get outside of my comfort zone. I ended up joining Spanish Club, History Club and my favorite, Rotary Interact. I have at least 60 volunteer hours since joining that club and that is 60 hours I have spent helping numerous people in my community. Throughout my time in high school, I have received 3 awards. 2 awards for my scholastic achievement during my Junior and Senior year and an award for my leadership in Rotary Interact. Last year, I was also inducted into National Honor Society. These past 4 years have shaped me into the individual that I am today and I am so excited for the next chapter of my life as being a business student.

Weight Loss Update #5: I Broke My Foot

After school on 5/23/18, my mom and I went to go and play some tennis like we usually do. About 30 minutes into our game and I ended up injuring myself. I was transported to the hospital in an ambulance and once I made it to the emergency room, I had to go in for x-rays. A couple hours later and I was informed that I sprained and broke my foot. I was put in a splint until I could visit with my orthopedic surgeon a couple days later. Once I saw him, he told me that I did not need any support on my foot, that I would be able to walk between 3-4 weeks and that he was treating my injuring as a sprain. After my mom and I left the hospital, we decided to make an appointment with a different orthopedic surgeon to get a second opinion and luckily we did. Last week, I met with my new doctor and he told me that I sprained my foot and broke my cuboid bone. He gave me a walking boot and said that I should be healed by the beginning of July. I am so thankful that he is now my doctor because I want to make sure that everything heals properly. The first two weeks were the hardest because I was crying every single day and eating absolute garbage because I felt like I was going to gain all of the weight that I lost back due to my injury. Recently, I have come to terms with my injury and since June 1st, I have been lifting weights and doing resistance bands every other day and eating the right amount of calories. Luckily, on the day that I got injured, I weighed myself in the morning for my 1/2 week check in and I was 194lbs meaning that I have lost a total of 46lbs since July 1st, 2017. I can already tell that I have lost a lot of muscle in my right leg since I am not able to use it, but I am trying to build muscle in my arms while still losing fat. I know that this is the biggest bump that I have experienced since starting my fitness journey back in July, but I am trying to make the best out of it.

The End of Senior Year.

Ever since middle school, I have always wondered how my senior year was going to end. I thought that I would be surrounded by all my friends going all out during senior week and having a wonderful time at Darien Lake on our senior skip day, but boy was I wrong. A couple weeks before all of the senior activities were going to take place, I ended up breaking my foot and I have not been back to school since. I thought that the hardest part for me was going to be missing out on all of those activities, but the worst part is not being surrounded by all of my classmates for our last few weeks of school together. I always knew that after graduation I would most likely never see those people again, but I was not prepared to never see them again a month before I was supposed to. If there is one thing that this injury has taught me, it is that you need to do everything that you want to do now instead of waiting. For instance, I would always skip pep assemblies and not participate in spirit week, but I would tell myself that I would participate during my senior year. Now that it is my senior year, I am currently sitting at my desk writing this post instead of participating in the senior year activities because I am not able to attend school. If there is something that you want to do, do it now because you never know if that opportunity will ever arise again.

How I lost 40 Pounds

In this post, I am going to share with all of you how I lost 40 pounds! When I started my fitness journey in July of 2017, I was at my highest weight of 240 pounds. I knew that I was graduating from high school in June and I wanted to start my grown up life healthier. I knew that there was no better time than the present to start my fitness journey. In the beginning, my workouts consisted of me walking .5 a mile and jogging .5 a mile about two to three times a week. I used my fitness pal to log my calories and ate between 1200-1500 calories every day, but I was never strict with it so there were days when I did eat over 1500 calories, but I tried to keep those days far and in between. By the time I started school in September, I weighed 227 pounds. I did not start going to the gym until November and when I started going to the gym I only did two machines. Those machines being the stationary bike and the recumbent bike. At the time, my workouts were about 40 minutes long and I would do each bike for 20 minutes at a resistance level of 8. I would also go to the gym three times a week. In December, I kinda stopped trying to lose weight. I was not really counting my calories and working out as often, but I still ended up losing weight and I began 2018 weighing 209 pounds. Towards the end of January, I ended up getting back on track and in one week I lost a total of 4.8 pounds. It is currently the end of February and I am officially under 200 pounds! I am so proud of myself and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.