College Apps #2: I can’t graduate early

When I found out the day of my graduation, I immediately called the admissions officer at the local community college that I want to attend. After a few minutes, he returned my call and said that I would be able to attend college in the Spring semester, but I would not be able to receive financial aid because I would be graduating early. When I found that out, I knew that I would not be graduating this January. I am not upset about it, but I am not pleased with my guidance counselor who never told me that I would not be able to receive FAFSA. I am looking at this as my guardian angel looking out for me. I believe everything happens for a reason so there must be a reason as to why this could not work out. I am, however, looking forward to my senior year memories like prom, the senior breakfast, the senior musical, etc. I do feel a little at ease now because I am no longer rushing into college. This setback could be a wonderful thing for me.


College Apps #1: Meeting with a College Admissions Officer

Today I went to the community college that I want to attend to figure out if I will be able to attend college in the Spring Semester while I am finishing my senior year in January. Long story short, no one knows yet. The officer told me to contact my high school to figure out the date in which I am graduating to see if finishing up high school and beginning college won’t overlap for a long amount of time. I believe I am in the clear if I will be attending both for about a week, but things get more complicated if it is any longer than that. He discussed the possibility of me finishing earlier by a few days if we do run into that problem. The officer also gave me an application and some FAFSA related things. I filled out the application today in the hopes that I will be able to send it out tomorrow if I get an okay from him on the whole attending high school and college at the same time situation. It was so strange to be on the campus at the same time as the college students. Growing up is kind of scary.

My Future Plans- Business Administration

This year, I will be graduating from high school a semester early with an advanced diploma. I plan on attending a local community college online and majoring in business administration. Once I finish my two years there, I plan on transferring to Binghamton University or Mansfield University where I will receive my bachelor of business administration. After graduation, I would love to move to Pennsylvania and open up my own Inn. This is just a little insight of my post-graduation plans. I do not have everything figured out, but that is okay because I love the spontaneity of it all.


I’m Graduating Early.

I never thought the words, “I’m graduating early”, would ever come out of my mouth. Today I visited with my guidance counselor to discuss my senior year schedule, only to come to the realization that it will be packed full with a bunch “filler classes” because I only need 3 more credits to receive my advanced diploma. When I returned home, I sent my guidance counselor an email asking about the possibility of me graduating a semester early in January. Next week, I am meeting with him to get everything finalized. Since I will be graduating early, that means everything will be pushed ahead. Applying to college, attending college, applying for financial aid, graduating from high school, etc. When I think of leaving a semester early, I feel excited. I will be creating a series on this blog about graduating early and applying to college. I do not know what I will call it yet, but you will find out shortly.


Finding Volunteer Opportunities

I started volunteering my Freshman year of high school. Since then, I have discovered multiple ways on how to find volunteer work. Here is how:

  • Newspaper
  • Guidance Office
  • Main Office
  • Bulletin Board in School
  • Emailing different organizations such as your local library, charities, etc.
  • Networking- asking friends, family and acquaintances if they know of any volunteering opportunities for you

I recommend every individual to volunteer because it helps with your social skills. Since I can remember, I have always been that quiet girl, but now I am that girl that volunteered to take a public speaking class at my high school. If it was not for volunteering, I do not know what kind of person I would be today.


I stopped trying.

My mother decided to sort through her closet today to make it more organized. In a stack of papers, she found my old elementary/middle school pictures and asked if I wanted to keep them. Of course, I said yes. When I was shifting through all of the packages, I saw my eighth grade photos and I began to feel awful. I did not feel awful in the same way as others who view photos from their younger years, but because I realized I stopped trying.  In eighth grade I worked out for ~1hr every other day, I wore nice clothes when I went to school, I did my hair and makeup and I spent time with my friends. Once I started high school everything changed. I began wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt every day to school, I stopped doing my hair and makeup, I stopped working out, I hardly spent time with friends and spent most of my time in a chair watching Netflix on my laptop. Looking back at these old photos of myself made me realize that things need to change. This is my last year of high school and I want to start doing things differently. I want to start looking presentable when I go to school. I want to get off Netflix and hang with my friends. I really want to grow up.


How to Get an Advanced Diploma

When I was in eighth grade, I was asked if I wanted the Regents Diploma or the Advanced Regents Diploma. Me being me, of course I said I wanted the Advanced Regents Diploma. This post is for students in NYS who want to know the secrets behind getting an advanced diploma. First, you should note that the only real difference between the two Diplomas is what classes the student takes. Here are the differences between the two diplomas (well, at least at my school):

Regents Diploma

  • Only take Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and math 3
  • Only need to take 1 science class with a regents for ex. biology or earth science
  • Only need to take 1 foreign language class

Advanced Regents Diploma

  • Need to take geometry and common core advanced algebra
  • Need to take 2 science classes that have the science regents
  • Need to take 3 foreign language classes

In order to get either regents, you need to complete 30 volunteer hours and receive 22.5 credits.